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BOS Construction Solutions: A Trusted Provider of Premium Industrial Products that Meet Customers’ Needs

BOS Construction Solutions (BOScs) offers a selection of high-quality European manufactured products that boast cutting-edge design and technology. All the products we carry are manufactured to meet the highest standards, with a strong emphasis on safety and sustainability. Materials are carefully selected to align with themes of longevity, durability, and recyclability. Our customers are both from the private and public sector and include military, municipalities, fire and law enforcement departments, as well as rental, construction, and storage industries.

Explore our comprehensive product line to find the ideal solution for your needs:

  • Containers
  • Shelter
  • Locking solutions
  • Light towers
  • Work site lighting
FLGHC 2024Events
May 1, 2024

2024 Florida Governor’s Hurricane Conference

BOScs will be exhibiting Baselight at the Florida Governor’s Hurricane Conference May 15-16. Details here ...
May 1, 2024

BOScs exhibiting at 2024 SAME’s Joint Engineering Training Conference

Visit us at the SAME's JETC in San Antonio, TX. We are located in the booth 743, which is hosted by Turn2 Productions Consulting.  We have an array of new and innovative products for the industry, ranging from tower lights the size of a golf bag and keyless, battery-free access management systems, to a hangar, a turnkey shelter and maintenance facility.

Quick-Built Container Systems: Easy-to-Assemble, Expandable, Relocatable, Material Storage Solution

Quick Build Container offers galvanized steel storage solutions for material storage requirements across various industries. These are not shipping containers, but rather purpose-built storage units that are quick and easy to assemble and knock down without any tools. Unit sizes range from 25 sq. ft. up to 140 sq. ft., which can also be easily connected to achieve even a larger storage space of up to 325 sq. ft. Containers also come with numerous accessories to either help keep the units organized or to increase their security.

Learn more about the Quick-Built Container products >

Re-Invention of Sheltering – Durability, Portability and Ability to Scale

KT-Shelter stands out from competitors with its patented innovation that allows quick and safe assembly without machinery, cranes, or scaffolding. It doesn’t require a foundation and provides adaptable protection for equipment, machinery, gear, and personnel, making it ideal for defense, crisis management, and industrial clients. KT-Shelter offers secure and reliable protection against harsh weather and in extreme climate conditions.

Learn more about the Shelter and Hangar products >

The Future of Battery-Free Access Management: iLOQ’s Innovative Battery-Free Locks

iLOQ provides a cutting-edge programmable keyless access management system that’s battery-free and with no physical keys. The iLOQ locks can be easily controlled using the iLOQ S50 mobile operating software, enabling users to operate the locks. iLOQ’s locks require no battery or power source, eliminating maintenance costs and battery waste. This innovative security system ensures reliable operation even in remote locations, or during power outages.

Learn more about the Battery-free Access Management and lock products >

Efficient and Reliable Portable LED Light Tower from Baselight

Baselight is a portable LED light tower that offers reliable and efficient lighting. Its compact design and ease of use make it ideal for a range of industries such as rental, military, emergency, construction, and more. Its portability and cost-effectiveness make it a valuable asset for businesses that require temporary lighting solutions.

Learn more about the Portable Light Tower products >
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Economical, Shatter Proof, Maintenance Free Worksite Lighting

WorkLite provides a reliable and low-maintenance LED lighting solution for job sites. Up to 25 lights can be daisy-chained and powered by a single A/C outlet. Its even light distribution and optimal color temperature enhance productivity and safety, while the impact-resistant design requires minimal maintenance. WorkLite requires no professional installation, and they are stackable making transportation and redeployment easy.

Learn more about the worksite LED lighting products >




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