Baselight tower light – the most advanced portable area lighting system.

Baselight has been designed to tackle the challenges posed by industry standard, bulky light towers. With cutting-edge technology, superior light tower output, and effortless transportation and easy maintenance, Baselight sets a new standard in portable light towers.

Our innovative product offers low total operating costs due to its efficient power consumption, hi-tech LED light tower output, easy handling, and low transportation costs, eliminating the need for additional machinery.

Baselight is already trusted globally by diverse clients from emergency management, military, construction industry, rental industry, to transportation.

Baselight series of LED Tower Lights

The Top Benefits of Baselight’s LED light tower  – the Ultimate Portable Lighting Solution

  • Baselight offers unmatched transportation efficiency, making it easy and efficient to relocate the units.
  • Deploy our golf-bag-sized unit weighing 70-100 lbs in under a minute, saving time and money on heavy machinery. The portable tower light can be handled by a single person.
  • Benefit from zero noise, emissions, and spillage risk with Baselight’s safe lithium-ion battery.
  • Our product is built to withstand extreme climates, ensuring reliable lighting in harsh conditions for peace of mind.
  • Choose from several Baselight models to find the perfect LED light tower solution that meets your needs.  View a product comparison chart
“Clearly one of the best investments we have ever made. Turns night into day. I highly recommend these lights.”
Chief Shawn Buchanan
East Point Police Department, Georgia

Elevate Your Tower Light System with Baselight’s Market Disruptive Technology and Scandinavian Quality Manufacturing

  • Baselight is made with an aircraft-grade aluminum chassis, ensuring a durable and long-lasting product.
  • The LED light panels consume less power than standard halogen tower light lights while also providing superior durability.
    • The tower light can be powered by a 2kWh aggregator/mini generator, 2kWh battery pack, or an A/C outlet, providing versatility in any situation.
    • Baselight has an Ingress Protection rating of IP65, ensuring it is resistant to dust and water.
    • The Baselight 600 series is dimmable down to 20W, allowing you to control the amount of light as needed.
  • The telescopic mast is 14.5ft high, lightweight, yet extremely durable being made of T5 tempered aluminum with high-strength coating.
  • The mast system can be operated manually or with an automated mast system controlled by an onboard computer, which includes a built-in wind sensor.

Baselight’s power and efficiency are unmatched; a single unit can illuminate all four corners of a soccer field from the 50-yard line, despite a soccer field being 40% larger than an American football field.

Several Different Product Options

Baselight X Series

The Baselight X series is designed with a manually operated mast operation and a lightweight, yet durable design, prioritizing simplicity. The telescopic mast is easy to raise and lower by hand. The on/off switch and the dimmer for the light are on the chassis. The series comes in three versions: 320X (45,000 Lumens), 420X (65,000 Lumens) and 600X (95,000 Lumens).

Download our product brochure for X and MX series

Baselight Battery-Solar Series

Baselight BATTERY + SOLAR Series

Introducing the new Baselight 320X BATTERY, powered by a high-efficiency 1 kWh internal battery.  Operating without conventional electricity, this model weighs just 90 lbs yet delivers an impressive 45,000 lumens, illuminating areas of up to 50,000 ft² for nearly three hours. Control power consumption with a user-friendly app for longer operation. Seamlessly switch to A/C power for continuous use and
simultaneous battery charging. For added sustainability, opt for the 320X BATTERY+SOLAR, featuring three detachable solar panels for solar charging capability. Redefining portable lighting, experience the freedom of sustainable illumination with the 320X BATTERY/SOLAR.

Download the 320X BATTERY + SOLAR series product pamphlet

Baselight X Series

Baselight MX Series

The Baselight MX series comes with a motorized mast which is controlled by an app (iPhone/Android), and a build in computer. The app is controlled by a small Wi-Fi mesh. The app allows to update the firmware, raise and lower the mast, lock the mast, adjust brightness, disable/enable the wind guard for the mast, set a timer for operating hours, and change light patterns. The basic operation of the light can also be operated from the chassis manually: The mast can be raised and lowered, light can be turned on/off, and the brightness can adjusted using the dimmer. The MX series is available in two versions: 420MX (65,000 Lumens) and 600MX (95,000 Lumens).

Download our product brochure for X and MX series

Baselight MX series

Baselight MIL Series

The Baselight MIL series is a military-adapted version of both, the manual versions (320X MIL, 420X MIL, 600X MIL), and the advanced motorized and app-controlled 420MX MIL and 600MX MIL series.  In addition to the basic specs, which are the same on the non-MIL and MIL -versions, Baselight MIL-models also comes with added CERAKOTE MIL Spec olive green coating which provides higher degree of surface protection, and a stricter EMI protection.

Download the MIL series product brochure

Baselight MIL Series


Quick “Snap-on” terrain wheels for traversing rough terrain. Puncture free & low weight.

Baselight terrain wheels

Rugged military style transport case with ergonomic handles for multiperson movement.

Baselight military-style transport case

2 kWh Lithium battery pack with AC voltage output in a rugged and waterproof case.

battery pack

How Different Industries Use Baselight

Baselight is a versatile lighting product that has numerous applications across various industries. Here are some examples of how different industries use Baselight.

Transportation Industry

Baselight on railway site


  • Easy to ship and deploy
  • Certified for on railway track usage
  • Can be powered by a battery or generator
  • Built-in trip safety warning
  • Wide light area coverage
  • Minimal CO2 footprint

Railway transportation relies heavily on regular maintenance of infrastructure, often conducted during nighttime. Baselight’s easy mobility and user-friendly handling enable staff to provide high-quality area illumination to track areas. The product’s portability, coupled with its low power consumption, also make it ideal for railway operations. Baselight 600MX-Rail is certified for use on railway tracks, and its setup and removal take less than a minute. The equipment can withstand high magnetic fields and emits no disturbances that could affect radio communications or other railway systems.

Disaster Response & Rescue

Baselight on rescue site2


  • Easy to ship and deploy
  • Safe to operate
  • Wide light area coverage
  • Single-operator usability
  • Low power consumption – can be battery operated
  • Zero maintenance
  • All-climate operability

In any disaster, adequate lighting is crucial for rescue efforts. Traditionally, there have been two options: setting up multiple tripod lights with cables or bringing in a heavy diesel-driven tower light, both of which are not practical for single-person operation. However, Baselight provides a better alternative with its wide light coverage (one unit can illuminate an area the size of a football field), easy mobility, and low energy consumption. It can be shipped using regular airplanes or helicopters, and its minimal energy requirements make it an ideal lighting solution in disaster situations where power resources are limited.

Construction & Rental Industry

Baselight on construction site5


  • Easy to ship and deploy
  • Minimal environmental impact – can be used both at indoor and outdoor projects.
  • Very little maintenance required
  • Suitable for big and small projects
  • Minimal storage space needed
  • Dimmable light output
  • Remote control by a smartphone

The rental industry serves a variety of customers who require equipment for hire. This places high demands on the equipment, including ease of use, durability, and safety. The equipment must also be able to withstand different climates, from deserts to the Arctic, and from mud to sand. Additionally, it must be easy to service. These are precisely the conditions that Baselight products are designed for.


Baselight on military site2


  • Easy to ship and deploy
  • Low power consumption – can be battery operated
  • Wide light area coverage
  • Durable materials
  • Multi-purpose

The military sector requires equipment that is durable, reliable, and can withstand tough weather conditions. Baselight offers a logistics advantage as it is easy to ship and deploy, and has low power consumption. Additionally, it provides wide light area coverage and is made of durable materials, making it a multi-purpose lighting solution for various branches of military.


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