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KT Shelter’s Portable Hangar is the ideal solution for clients in defense, crisis management, and private industries seeking reliable protection for their equipment, machinery, gear, or people in challenging environments.

The hangars assembly is quick and easy, thanks to its patented ground-up assembly innovation, requiring no machinery. This saves time and resources, ensuring that the portable hangar can be assembled anywhere, regardless of terrain.

KT-Shelter can be insulated to regulate temperature and shielded to prevent radar detection, ensuring complete privacy and security. It can also withstand level 3 hurricanes, providing unmatched protection against extreme weather conditions.

Experience the benefits of reliable, durable, and customizable portable hangar that meets even the most demanding needs by choosing KT Shelter.


Rapid and Flexible Field Assembly Shelters for Challenging Locations

  • Field assembly 1-4 days from the ground up, in any situation
  • Rapid deployment without the need for scaffolding or groundwork
  • 4-man crew assembly with no additional machinery required
  • Delivered in standard 20ft containers, which double as supporting structure and additional storage
  • Easy logistics and assembly enable quick deployment in demanding climates and locations
  • No road infrastructure is necessary to deliver the shelter, as it can be transported by air
    Supports both short and long-term deployment, ranging from days to years

Take a Closer Look at KT-Shelter’s Performance – Watch a Short

Built to Last

This shelter is constructed to provide reliable protection even in the harshest of weather conditions. Its patented structure ensures durability, with a life cycle of up to 30 years. It is also capable of accommodating an aircraft with engines on, thanks to its sturdy construction.


  • Designed to withstand Category 3 hurricanes, with a wind load capacity of 118 mph or 53m/s
  • Able to withstand heavy snow loads of up to 56 lbs./ft2 or 275kg/m2
  • Can resist temperatures ranging from -58 to +122 Fahrenheit

Several Size Options

KT-Shelter is available in six different sizes:

Model Width Height Use
M1 16ft / 5m 2ft / 0.5m Suitable to place on existing buildings such as containers to make a roof
M2 33ft / 10m 5ft / 1.5m Suitable to place on existing buildings such as containers to make a roof
M3 49ft / 15m 10ft / 3m Suitable to place on existing buildings such as containers to make a roof
M4 59ft / 18m 20ft / 6m Suitable to add on an existing building, or to use as a self-standing shelter
M5 66ft / 20m 26ft / 8m Suitable to use as a self-standing shelter
M6 69ft / 21m 36ft / 11m Suitable to use as a self-standing shelter
KT Shelter

A Multi-Arched Approach to Building Stronger Shelters

The KT-Shelters are constructed with arches placed either 10ft/3m or 20ft/6m apart. The strength of the units increases with shorter spacing between the arches. For the calculation of wind-load, snow-load, and other technical specifications, we have utilized the 10ft/3m spacing between the arches. As each space between the arches is independent and assuming the foundation is reasonably level, the shelter length can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Door Options for Mobile Aircraft Hangar

KT Shelter with straight ends

All shelters can be equipped with straight end walls and roll-up doors that come in varying sizes, starting from 10ft x 10ft or 3m x 3m. These doors can be operated manually or with an electric opening mechanism.

clam shell door

A clamshell door is particularly useful when storing large machinery like aircraft, as it can be manually opened in just 60 seconds, allowing for rapid deployment.

kt-shelter service door

In addition to the larger doors, a service door can be installed on the side of the shelter. This is especially practical and cost-effective if the unit is climate-controlled to protect against external conditions.


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