The world’s first truly portable light tower system is now available in the US

Baselight represents the worlds most advanced portable all-in-one area lighting system. It was designed to the challenges set forth by the old bulky light towers with a more effective technology light output, transportation and maintenance.

Benefits of Baselight:

  • Baselight delivers a tower light with unmatched efficiency in transportation cost and the ability to handle with just a single person.
  • The golf-bag -sized unit weighs between 70-100 lbs and can be made operational in under 1 minute.
  • Economical and convenient to ship and quick to deploy – all without heavy machinery.
  • Several different Baseline model options you to choose from. See a comparison chart.
  • LED light panels consume less power than the standard tower halogen tower lights, and are also more durable than the industry standard halogen lights.
    • The light can run off a 2kWh aggregator/mini generator, 2kWh battery pack, or from an A/C outlet.
    • The light has an Ingress Protection rating of IP65.
    • Deployment of the light can be as quick as 30 seconds!
  • The body of the Baselight is made of aircraft-grade aluminum chassis.
  • Mast system can be operated either manually, or with an automatic digital computer system, which also includes a built-in wind sensor.
    • The 14.5ft high telescopic mast is lightweight, yet extremely durable being made of T5 tempered aluminum with high-strength coating.
  • Built to withstand, and already field tested in extreme climates from the arctic winters of Scandinavia to hot and humid summers of tropics.
  • Market disruptive technology with superior manufacturing quality.

Baselight’s low total operating costs are results of low transportation cost, efficient power consumption, and the ease of handling the unit without additional machinery.

To put the light power and efficiency in context:

A single Baselight, deployed in less than a minute, is placed at a 50-yard line on the side of a soccer field and it will deliver readable light to all four corners of the field.  A Soccer field is 40% larger than American football field!

Existing clients include emergency management, military, construction industry, rental industry, transportation, and maintenance, to name a few.


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