Demonstrating Baselight’s Portable Lighting Power

By February 4, 2023 March 30th, 2023 No Comments

What an honor to demonstrate the Baselight, a portable tower light system to a prospective military customer.

We were able to exhibit Baselight’s capabilities, such as:

  1. Superior market disruptive technology which delivers a tower light with easy transport and handling.
  2. LED light panels are durable and consume less energy. The light can run 2kWh mini generator, 2kWh battery pack, or from an A/C outlet.
  3. Economical and convenient to ship and quick to deploy – all without heavy machinery.
  4. Light up your worksite in less than a minute!
  5. Baselight is built to withstand any climate and is already field tested from Northern cold to Southern tropics.
  6. The light has an Ingress Protection rating of IP65.
  7. Mast system can be operated either manually, or with an automatic digital computer system, which also includes a build-in wind sensor.
  8. Aircraft grade aluminum chassis is maintenance free.
  9. The telescopic mast is lightweight, yet extremely durable being made of T5 tempered aluminum with high strength coating.

To put the light power and efficiency in context, please consider this: One 95k Lumen light, which is placed at the 50 yard line, can illuminate readable light to all 4 corners of a soccer field, which, in turn is 40% larger than American football field!

The product is suitable, and already used by military, construction industry, rental industry, transportation, emergency response and maintenance, to name a few.

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